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ALPS Industry

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      ALPS is the leading industry of non-standard customized in LVNI group which is maintained a steady development trend in the fierce market of non-standard customized and personalized freezer around the world.


      It’s mainly produced commercial refrigerator which is including mini fridge,wine cooler,kitchen freezer, supermarket freezer, cake display cabinet, ice maker and ice cream machine which is widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, factory canteens, supermarkets, stores and other commercial establishments.


      The thermostat wine cabinet of LVNI was officially put into operation in Zhongshan south town in March 2012. It initial monthly production capacity is 1,000 compressor wine cabinet and 5,000 sets of electronic wine coolers.And it’s the largest and most professional thermostat engineering manufacturers which are built the overall cellar production base again in Shanghai, China with the cooperation to professionally build the smart appliances of storage wine and stainless steel wine cabinet. It’s also focus on the world’s famous wine, cigar storage and maintenance.


       The commercial refrigerator manufacturing base was built in 2013 which is named Guangzhou ALPS refrigeration equipment Co.,Ltd. It’s located in Guangzhou, the political and cultural center, which is in the central of Guangdong Province. And it’s a professional manufacturing enterprise which is set collection research and development, design, production and sales in one.


       The branches are set up in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan which are named Shanghai Lvni Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd, Beijing Lvni Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.


       We have registered and held the brand which are “LVNI”, “Greenlife” and “Sailisi”. It has wholesale markets about hotel supplies and kitchen refrigeration equipment in Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, the Pearl River Delta region, Guilin,Guangxi, Changsha and Yongzhou, Hunan, Wuhan and Jingzhou,Hubei, Hefei, Anhui and other regions. 

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